Holiday card designs are here! I might be crazy (you all know I am crazy busy), but I really wanted to provided a little "Thank You" to all my clients this year. So here it is. There are four card options: the left image is the front side and the right is the back. Cards are available to my 2013 clients and are only to be used with photos from our session. Please follow the below instructions to place your order. Cards can be ordered through me at a cost to you or you can take the files to have them printed on your own. 


Order Directions:

Step 1. Pick your card.

Step 2. Pick which image/s you want to use. Card #1,4,5 &6 take one photo and #2 & 3 take three photos.

Step 3. Email me (subject: Holiday card) with the card design number, your image number/s from my online gallery and how you want to sign the card (ex: The Smiths). Please also indicate if you want to order cards through me.

Step 4. I will email your files to you within 3 days.


Cards are 5x7 in size and will be printed on a thick matte eco friendly bamboo paper with texture.

Pricing: $35 for 25 custom cards with envelopes.



Card # 1

Card # 2

Card # 3

Card # 4

Card #5

Card #6