Photo Product Printing List

HOW IT WORKS: To place orders please email me at with the name of the product (found below) and the photo number you want to use with the product. I will invoice you within 1 business day. Once payment is received, your product will be ordered and shipped to you within a week. 
Photo Necklace 

Choose from three style pendants (Hannah Silver, Hannah Cooper or the Hannah Magnet Square) and two necklace styles (double pear or silver Lauren chain w/ single pearl). 


Learn more about these products and more HERE.

Price: $135


Luxe Framed Prints


Frame Shapes & Sizes
5x7 Ornate (8.5x10.25 overall size), 8x10 Ornate (15.5x15 overall size), 8x10 Bombay (15x16 overall size), 10x10 Tuscan (15.5x15 overall size) and 10x10 Hampton (15.5x15.5 overall size)


Black, White, Baby Blue, Pink, or Espresso


5x7 ($95) 8X10 ($120) 10X10 ($130)

Custom Cards 

Ultimate in high end press cards, add sophistication to greetings and announcements with this modern spin on traditional letterpress. Let's talk style, email me. 


3x3, 5x5, 5x7


$3 per card



Mini Accordions set of 3


Tiny in size with a snap-shut cover, Accordion Minis are great on-the-go ways to share your photos.




Concealed magnet for soft closure



$90 for set of 3

Custom Canvas Print


Nothing shows off your artistic side quite like a Gallery Wrap. Printed on premium canvas and wrapped around a stretcher bar this can be one of the best ways to show off your prints as art in your home. 




10x10 - $45.00

10x20 - $70.00

​11x14  - $60.00

16x20 (or 24) -$95.00

20x30 - $105.00

24x36 - $140.00

30x40 $190.00

32x48 $200.00


​8x10 - $20.00

10x10 - $23.00

11x14 - $45.00
16x24 - $65.00
20x30 - $95.00
24x30 $100.00
30x40 $150.00

Wallets (4 image per sheet) $10.00

Photo Books and Albums